Thursday, November 19, 2009

There When You Need Them

My son and four of his friends spent spring break in Miami and while they were there they got into some trouble with the law. He was arrested and was being held in a Miami jail. The first thing I did was contact a criminal lawyer to take the case and get my son out of jail while he waits for trail. Thankfully the criminal attorney I picked was very wise and very helpful. I wired him the retainer and within four hours of getting the case my son was out on bail.

By the time I got to Miami, this wonderful attorney had already gotten the charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor charges. I had visions of having to spend thousands of dollars and months in trial before this whole mess would be over but they had it pretty well over with by the time I got to Florida. Because of the efforts of the Miami criminal attorney that we hired, this incident will not be on my son’s record for the rest of his life. Because of a plea bargain, the charges were dropped completely and he just had to pay for damages. Something that could have haunted him the rest of his life was now just a bad memory.

All four of his friends used the same criminal attorney we used and they all got the same deal as my son did. All five of them had to pay a total of $8,000 in damages to the hotel where they were staying. Apparently they had decided to have a party in their room which got way out of hand and a fight broke out. There was a great deal of damage done to the room and the lobby of the hotel. It could have been much worse for them; they were lucky to have such a good lawyer on their side.

After it was all said and done and the boys were back home and out of danger I sent a very nice thank you letter to the office of the Miami criminal attorney that we used. I wanted to make sure he knew how thankful I was for the work he did for the boys and how he really made a difference in their lives. They could have been living with felony charges for the rest of their life but he made it possible for them to get past this mistake they made without it ruining the lives forever.

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