Monday, November 2, 2009

When You Need a Criminal Lawyer

Here's a scenario we hope no one reading this will ever experience: a highly respected professional, perhaps an accountant, finds himself suddenly in need of a criminal attorney. He's been arrested for a white-collar crime and has no idea what's at stake. Let's look at the ways, without representation by an experienced criminal lawyer, the life of a respected professional can be devastated.

As a
Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer, my office has seen some very difficult circumstances surrounding white collar prosecution. Whether or not they're convicted, professionals such as corporate executives, physicians and accountants can find their reputations ruined and assets seized long-term without the proper representation.

Not the least of the potential damage is to one's professional reputation. Consider for a moment the news-hungry, 24-hour-a-day environment in which today's media operates. Even local media outlets are fed by international news sources, making news of an alleged crime widely accessible. It's easy to see why having a highly-competent criminal attorney, well-versed in white collar criminal defense, is essential to help protect your public image.

Another huge factor that impacts professionals accused of financial crimes is seizure of assets. Each state has its own statutes pertaining to seizure of assets believed to be gained by the commission of a crime, with underlying federal law supporting them. And it may surprise you to know that it's quite simple for a law enforcement agency in most states to obtain the legal documents necessary to seize assets such as homes, vehicles and cash they believe were the result of your alleged criminal activity.

Experience as a
Miami criminal attorney has made me privy to cases in which law enforcement personnel far overreached the legal boundaries of asset forfeiture or seizure, however, and the civil process by which those assets are returned can move slowly.

The biggest risk in such a situation is, of course, the possibility of imprisonment and financial penalty. Whether or not you actually committed the crime of which you might, hypothetically, be accused, you would be guaranteed by our country's founding documents a "vigorous defense" before being penalized.

Here in Florida, that would mean being represented by a West Palm Beach criminal lawyer, for example, who knows how to make sure your rights are protected. No matter what your location, finding that type of representation is essential.

I hope you never experience any of the above, but if you do, don't hesitate to secure the services of a criminal attorney experienced in the defense of white collar crimes prosecution. Having an experienced advocate to ensure your rights are upheld and damage to your reputation mitigated can make all the difference in whether your life as a respected professional is devastated or restored.

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